A full 21 years before Confederation, John C. Tingley founded the company at Hopewell Cape, New Brunswick, continuing a family tradition in stone cutting which extended back into the Eighteenth Century. Now located in Amherst, Nova Scotia, Tingley Monuments is the oldest firm of its kind in Canada. Five generations of the Tingley family in succession have served their clientele with understanding, respect, and integrity. Since 1846, the preferred tribute of thousands of Maritime families has been a personalized stone skillfully crafted by the Tingley artisans.



Tingley Monuments Limited.
PO Box 5036  23 Western Street,
Sussex, New Brunswick  B4H 3Z5
Phone: 902 667-2861
Fax: 506-432-6007
Email: info@tingleymonuments.ca
1-800-565-1846 in Canada